Full LG TV Price 2017

138-jual tvFor you who want to buy LG television in the year 2017, about how much budget you need to prepare? LG Tv price is quite cheap actually. Even from the price of IDR 1 million alone you can already have it.

For 20 inch LG TV you can buy at a price of IDR 1.249.000. The television is ergonomically designed with a cool appearance. The picture quality and sound are also quite convincing. For those of you who have a budget of IDR 1 million, the television is worth to choose.

But if you want an LG Tv with a bigger screen, you can buy a 22 inch LG TV. The price is IDR 1.4 million for type 22MT48AF. Like Tv size 20 inch, 22 inch Tv is also equipped with features that are quite good, as with the USB autorun that makes it easy to display content on television.

If the size of 22 inch television in the taste is still lacking, you can consider to buy LG 32 inch LED TV. With the price of “jual tv” USD 2.3 million, this television has a dynamic design with a number of pretty sophisticated features. The image resolution is 1366 x 768 and comes with USB movie and HDMI.

As for Tv LG 43 inch, you can buy at a price of IDR 4 million. TV with this W300C series already has a higher resolution, which already has a High Definition format with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. With the resolution makes the image displayed can be sharper and clearer. No more shaded images that may have often interfere with your comfort while watching television. This tv can also be connected with USB. So the video content stored in the flash can be seen easily. That way, both movie files, photos and music, you can watch through the television screen.

If you want a kind of smart TV, LG also provides it. Through this type of LG Smart UHD 55 Inch LED 55 Inch 55UH615T amazing image display can become a reality. Coupled with ultra surround technology to produce a comfortable sound is heard. Setting brightness of light can be done easily so that it can save energy. With 3D color mapping technology, this television is able to produce a natural color.

Then for bigger screen, like 60 inch, you can buy LG UHD LED 60 Inch – 60UH650T with price IDR 14.9 million. The television has Wide Viewing Angle mode so the image quality and color can be more optimal.

Well, for the price of LG TV is relatively cheap when compared with other brand Tv. The tv also has many advantages, such as:
– a picture that likes
– saving electricity
– Amazing television design
– Has advanced features and technology

With a series of advantages, still coupled with the price of “jual tv murah” LG With affordable prices, the tv can be the best choice for many people to buy.