Froth Curler Buying Guide

Before I jump into helping you decide on a foam roller I want to address the main two reasons why you should be using one.

Reduce accidents. Heating up with a foam roller, can lower the intensity and chance of injury. It will stimulate the muscles you should to push blood vessels through.
Reduce restoration periods. Using it after training will simulate an in-depth cells massage treatment. This has two advantages. Enhanced blood vessels circulation, which allows carry nutritional value and fresh air to the muscles and removing poisons.

What should you be looking at?

Essentially, there are three types: Polyethylene EPE, EVA and shaped foam paint rollers.

From there we get into the brand specific ones, which seem to last more than and outshine their general counterparts: Induce Factor Performance’s The Lines 2.0, the Rumble Curler and the Epitomie Fitness Accupoint Curler.

In order to pick a qualified foam roller for your needs ask yourself the following questions:

1) How often are you planning on using it?

I mainly do my moving at house, so my EVA has was standing the ages, but if you’re using yours several periods a week avoid buying a plain EPE or EVA. Both of these will stretch out you should to square. If you thinking about using one everyday, I would invest the money and purchase a excellent quality one. I’ve used everything from The Lines, the Rumble Curler and all three kinds of general paint rollers, the Lines continues to be the most flexible on the marketplace.

2) How long have you been rolling?

Although it is different from individual to individual, if you’ve just started, chances are it affects like terrible. If you fall under this classification you can begin with an ordinary EPE. These aren’t very heavy and will begin to break down scars and prolong your muscles. As your scars smashes down so will your EPE roller, at which period you can opt to update to an excellent design.

3) What place are you planning on concentrating on?

I use two paint rollers based on which place I’m concentrating on. Nothing is better than the Rumble Curler for reaching difficult to achieve places such as your hip flexors or your leg muscles. The lines can focus on those places far more proficiently than any of the other choices on the market. That said, it’s highly worthless for moving large muscles, such as your IT Group, which require more time “strokes”. The reason is it doesn’t move as successfully due to it’s lumps, it’s easier to move with a completely circular design.

4) Budget

This is an real question you need to ask yourself. Buying a cheap roller is considerably better than preventing them all together. They begin in the $10-$15 range and as a result it’s a relatively affordable way to experience the advantages of strong cells massage treatment in the comfort of your house. If you’re active and can afford to invest more money, you will certainly choose a more costly design, a smart investment.

Individual Reviews


I made the decision to review the EPE, EVA and Molded foam paint rollers together because they’re all quite similar. You can buy them in a number of measures and dimensions, the most common being 6″ X 36″. They’re relatively affordable and an excellent launch to the practice of self-myofascial launch. If you’re finding that you begin moving on a regular basis you’ll easily notice all three of these choices lose form very easily. EPE paint rollers are created from Polyethylene which is used in a number of product which. It smashes down rather easily, and if used continually enough could be misshaped in as little as a month (depending on your size, weight and use of course). EVA is a reasonably resilient foam which allows it to keep it’s form for a many years comparative to EPEs. They have a shiny complete and are more successfully attractive than their less expensive relatives. Molded paint rollers are created from extended polypropylene, which is a little more firm and top quality than either the EPE or EVAs. Molded foam is a more recent material being used in the market. If you’re a bigger personal, these will seem to work better than their alternatives because they won’t deform as much during their day to day utilization.

Rumble Roller

Comes in two designs, glowing blue (original) and dark (x-firm) with dark being the more dense of the two choices. Generally, the dark option is too company for most individuals. It’s definitely for the more innovative customers, or those who have heavy muscle tissue and a high ability to tolerate pain. It’s one of the more costly paint rollers on the marketplace, but will last more than most of them as well. A key difference is the rectangle lines which were designed to feel more like a massage treatment than a traditional roller could achieve. This has added value for some programs such as concentrating on you and your waist. However, I look for the rectangle lines to be a little extreme on bigger places such as your hamstring muscle or quads. It’s marketed in three dimensions, conventional, lightweight and extra lightweight.

The Grid

Provides a center ground between the side that the rumble roller provides and the that a traditional roller offers. The “grid” surface differs over the length of it, which enables you to focus on smaller difficult to achieve places such as your waist. Created by Induce Factor Efficiency Therapy, it’s become one of the most popular designs on the marketplace. Induce Factor has a whole line of massage treatment tools, but the Lines is definitely they’re claim to popularity, and stays a power to be believed with in the market. It’s marketed in a number of dimensions which range from a traditional 6″ X 36″ down to a 5″ X 5.5″ small roller appropriate for journeying.